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Reading Romans with Luther

I know I’m more likely to announce a new release than review one, but a few more reviews are heading your way. I love spring reading. Hmm, perhaps January onward reading that relaxes me from the holidays while fostering whatever I may need at any given time: catharsis, energy, focus, relaxation, or plain old imagination time! Today’s review is on a fairly recent CPH release, Reading Romans with Luther by R. J. Grunewald.  Continue reading

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Binge Reading

Maybe this is a dumb question, but what’s the reading equivalent of binge-watching? Perhaps waiting to read a series until it’s been finished? My underlying question, though, is what does it take to satiate our entertainment appetite once it’s used to intense saturation? I plowed through three separate novels this weekend and it felt pretty good. Still, I find myself itching for another binge reading session. Hmm.

In the meantime, I’ll remember that reading time isn’t antithetical to writing time. It just feels like it! But we’re Lutheran—we know our feelings can be wrong or misinterpreted. Here’s hoping I pay attention to my vocations. I shouldn’t get lost in binge reading!!

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Helicopter Pilot

I’ve got another writing idea to share. This time it is for a novel! I’m learning toward a medically-related field of vocation like a helicopter pilot, because of a great theological angle . . .

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The Kingdoms of Israel

This weekend I was able to attend the  22nd Annual Lutheran Lecture Series at Grace Lutheran (Wichita) and heard Rev. Brian Kachelmeier teach about Christ in the Old Testament. It was great and got me thinking. We should have a Bible study on the kingdoms of Israel!

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Luther’s Priesthood of all Believers

A book and a mystery: There’s a new book out, written I believe by a former ELCA, now LCMC pastor, Rev. Kristian Baudler, titled Martin Luther’s Priesthood of All Believers–In an Age of Modern MythExcept strictly speaking, it isn’t new. Rather, my husband got an email from Oxen Press, yet the book appears to be self-published through Amazon. It seems there are two Amazon pages listing it different ways.

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Daily Bread

My other thought Sunday was about daily bread. Maybe I haven’t mentioned this here yet, but I’m kind of into it. Eating and drinking, yes, cooking and preparing, yes, but also the concept and importance of it as a gift from God. And, it’s daily! That’s significant, yet too often overlooked or underappreciated. Anyway, you know how the Israelites could have no leftovers from the Passover? It’s a demonstration of a day’s bread, built on the promise that God must Himself provide for the future meals!!

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Unless I See

I had two unexpected thoughts today, once in Bible Study discussing the Passover and the other during the sermon. You know how Thomas says, “Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe”? (Admittedly, I’m more pro-Thomas than many.) It occurred to me that here is a profound reliance upon the Incarnation. While Thomas should have believed from Jesus’ own words, surely we can understand him doubting the manic-and-rather-paranoid disciples.

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Until as a Theological Statement

Until as a Theological Statement. Have you thought about it? I was reading a book to my seven-year old daughter, and at the end she said she didn’t like it. Didn’t approve. Why? Because why in the world would the author say Jesus is with you until morning light? I’ll admit I smiled pretty brightly at that level of recognition!

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A Reintroduction

(Blessed Easter Monday! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!)          I’ve had another book idea. It’s kind of basic. So basic, in fact, that I’m surprised it hasn’t been done. It would be a reintroduction to Christianity, suitable to hand to unbelievers, especially those who acknowledge they don’t know much about Jesus.

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Devotions for New Mothers

Writing is a funny business. It can be so intense, yet involve so much waiting! Imagine my delight, then, when I received an image of the approved cover for a project that only recently passed doctrinal review! Yay!

LWML asked me to write Dear Mother: Devotions for New Mothers, and it looks like its making steady progress, entirely out of my hands.

Out of my hands: just the way I like it!

Ok, some times.

I’ll tell you more when it becomes available, but basically it’s a short, pocket devotional with little letters offering some Titus 2 comfort. The kind of thing you can pick up from an LWML gift table and share with new mothers in your congregation or other circles.

Happy writing, happy waiting, and happy waiting some more! And, I wish you those happy moments when you realize projects are making progress even out of sight.


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