Blog Philosophy

The blog philosophy behind this blog and website is that writers are not in competition with each other.  Personally I’d like all the best resources for the church, whether in fiction or non-, so I’m happy to share ideas toward that end. This blog and website exist to encourage Lutherans and Christians to write. And, if I can help by suggesting exercises, thoughts, articles, or needs, even better!

By all means, buy my books and learn my name—Moerbe rhymes with Furby (It’s Wendish)—too, but that’s secondary.

I am a Lutheran and a member of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. I am a deaconess, which is a theologically trained mercy worker, and I experience theology as a daily matter. I hope this website can become a forum for like-minded people, who incorporate Christ as the Lutheran Confessors profess Him according to God’s holy Word.

I believe that writing can be much more than self-gratification. Rather, it can be a true, loving, and faithful service. Writing benefits neighbors, from family and friends to faraway fellows. It hones the mind, strengthens communication, and by its nature pays homage to Him who crafts and gave language to us in the first place. Even better, as one who believes in the Word of God as a means of grace, it can be shaped and reflective of the very Word-made-Flesh, Jesus Christ.

Because I believe in original sin and I do not believe in any sort of perfect writer, let’s pretend that typos and grammatical errors of any sort are a reflection of our freedom to be ourselves as realistic writers—no matter how realistic our writing may be. 🙂

Now, whether you want to publish or not, your writing may be a gift to one of the neighbors God has placed in your life. It may nestle really well into your vocations!! So, why not give it a try and see what can happen? And, maybe I can encourage you along the way.


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