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Writing for Magazines and Websites

Freelance writing includes searching for opportunities, and a main opportunity is writing for magazines and websites. Thankfully we have a guest post today, in interview format, to address some of our most common questions. Thanks go to Rebekah Curtis and Nicole M. King!

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St. Polycarp Update

I’m always happy to spread news from Lutheran writers and publishing houses. Today’s post offers us a Rev. Aaron Simms and St. Polycarp update.

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What is the relationship between relevance and dated material? And, whatever happened to the avant-garde? Even that concept seems outdated (which would be impossible if society weren’t convinced we are the perpetual climax of history)! Lest we think “dated” is somehow bad or lesser, let’s list some writing that should be dated:

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Author Section of a Proposal

I have a brief overview of proposals on my Publishing Tips page, but I was asked to expand a bit on the author section of a proposal. I’m happy to do so, and would also welcome any words of advice anyone else would like to share on the topic.

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Visible Progress

Ladies and gentlemen,

Visible progress is a double-edged sword. While it may slash through one person’s doubts, it can slice through another’s confidence. How do we, as Christians–and frankly as humans–, react to the visible progress of others? Especially because, so often, only one person out of all the world seems to make writing progress at any given time? Continue reading

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Different Seasons

Do you know who hears about “different seasons?” I’ll try not to stick entirely with my own experience and remember that others hear it as well, but generally I think of Kindergartners and mothers. The point is typically that you can’t do what you want when you want to, and right now you must focus on other things. It seems additionally common to hear it isn’t a season to write.

How can I tackle this subject and still cheer on writing, even times when it is the most difficult? Watch me try.

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