Resources for Writers

I hope my blog is full of resources for writers. Feel free to search keywords or categories. I can write posts specifically answering questions, if you’d like.

There are also a number of Facebook Groups for Lutheran Writers, including Writing (LCMS) Lutheran, Lutheran Fiction Writers Guild, and Guild of Lutheran Writers. Admittedly all of them can be quiet.

Or, maybe you are a Lutheran looking to spread awareness about yourself or a new release? Let me add you to my Living Lutheran Author Page and Lutheran Writers’ Blog Roll. I’m also happy to host guest posts of introduction or release information or work on an interview with you.

Looking for editing help, self-publishing, layout or other writer support? Here you go. Also, let me know if you come across any similar Lutheran resources. (May as well help a Lutheran brother or sister out.)

Looking to publish?


Are there other ways I can help? Please let me know. Contact me below, comment, Facebook, etc.

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