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Provincial Life

The Disney character Belle is supposed to be great: a clever girl, beautiful inside and out. Whatever. I hate neither her nor her story. But actually thinking about her a second, since I just started watching the live action movie for the first time, what’s her existential problem?! Provincial life?!

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Theology of Beauty

Today a Lutheran book hits the market that one I’ve particularly anticipated: Martin Luther’s Theology of Beauty: A Reappraisal by Dr. Mark Mattes.

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Cary Schwarz

I know there are “big name” Lutherans. I’m not aiming to touch them or that topic here. Instead, I’m gunna bring up an awesomely cool (to me) Lutheran (!): Cary Schwarz.

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The Garden of Eden

Some in this world believe fiction is better than reality. Isn’t that problematic for Christians in a number of ways? (Responding to that hypothesis could be another essay in the group project applying a theological understanding regarding fiction!) And, are we ready to leave the actual creativity of God’s beauty in this world out of the picture? Maybe I’m overly speculating, but let’s consider how beautiful the Garden of Eden may (easily) have been before the fall.

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