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LCMS Pastor Christopher Matthis has kindly offered a copy of his latest book, In the Shadow of the Cross: Sermons for Lent and Holy Week, for a Christmas giveaway through this blog. Woo hoo!

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Beauty and Catechesis

Do you incorporate Luther’s Small Catechism into your daily devotional time? It’s a great thing to do and there are so many ways to do it! Or maybe you maintain a shelf of devotional books to rotate through over the years. Even then, here’s another resource, newly released, you can add to your household: Beauty and Catechesis.

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Lent 2017

I haven’t felt very good so today I’ll just post a quick note saying Steadfast Lutherans has made their Lent 2017 devotional available here. Titled “A Christian Holy People,” it offers devotions on the marks of the Church as described in Luther’s, “On the Councils and the Church.” I haven’t looked through it yet, but I’m happy to share resources I hear about.

If you know of other devotional material available for Lent, feel free to share it in the comments!

PS. Silly me, I should mention Higher Things’ Reflections!


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