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Church Year Poem

I’ve been thinking about poetry as a genre and writing some myself. I may even put together a book of it, just for fun. I’m thinking the title could be something like Theological Connections. Anyway, here is a post that caught my attention with its explanation and summary of the church year in poetic/hymn form. I’ve printed the poem up and think I’ll use it for homeschooling. Thanks, Robin Fish! (And, readers, if you’ve forgotten, now’s a good time to check out Rev. Fish’s book, Useful Hymns (Expanded edition published in  2017).

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The Peloponnesian Press

There are so many ways to write. It’s a beautiful thing with tons of opportunities, for service, for fun, etc. So I thought I’d share one with you today, highlighting a section called “The Peloponnesian Press.”

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