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Church Year Poem

I’ve been thinking about poetry as a genre and writing some myself. I may even put together a book of it, just for fun. I’m thinking the title could be something like Theological Connections. Anyway, here is a post that caught my attention with its explanation and summary of the church year in poetic/hymn form. I’ve printed the poem up and think I’ll use it for homeschooling. Thanks, Robin Fish! (And, readers, if you’ve forgotten, now’s a good time to check out Rev. Fish’s book, Useful Hymns (Expanded edition published in  2017).

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New Testament Psalms

I’ve had an idea–and I’m sharing that idea, although I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a possible project. I wonder if people could glean images and metaphors from the New Testament and incorporate them into a new sort of devotional psalter, like New Testament Psalms. Replacing the Book of Psalms? No!!!!! Making a part II that could, in any way, equal the authority, strengths, and beauties of the Book of Psalms?? No!

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God’s Harvest

Michelle Lynn Swope—who I introduced to you regarding her first collection of poetry, Through Time’s Looking Glass—has now released another collection to surprise, encourage, and ease your cares, one poem at a time: God’s Harvest.

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Useful Hymns Review

In the fall of last year, (LCMS) Rev. Robin D. Fish released a great book: Useful Hymns: For Worship, Prayer, and Instruction in the Lutheran Church School and Home.  I blogged about it back then and now I happily offer my Useful Hymns review.


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Verses for Religious Education

Another idea to share. Older educational practices would use poetry to help memorize things. You know, “In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” There were verses for religious education, too, memorizing (and summarizing!) the books of the Bible and other content. Of course, Luther’s Small Catechism falls into that genre, too, in its beautiful German crafting. Still, why not put together a book of Lutheran texts and verses for religious education?

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Strong as Death

I’m pleased to announce a recent release! My friend from ages ago, Lutheran Pastor Chris Matthis, has published his first collection of poems for wider distribution: Strong as Death: Selected Poems.

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