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Parents of Writers

I know my menu is already clunky with webpages, but I’ve thought of one more. Once again, I’d like your help as you’re able to lend it. 🙂 Let’s help parents of writers! What would you put on a Parenting Writers page? How can we help and support? What are a few basics that can equip those alongside the writing game to safeguard writing kids?

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Ruth Chinery and “Out of the Woods”

Let’s talk about something perfectly charming: a Lutheran eighth grader has published her first book! Out of the Woods looks like a charming read about an eleven year old who runs into the woods with her twin brother and gets lost. According to the back of the book, Ruth Chinery completed her first draft in fifth grade and now, five drafts and three years later, it’s published. Way to go! I may be a stranger, but I am so proud of your tenacity! That’s the way to do it: get it down, spend the time and energy, and then hold that book in your hands!

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