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30 Days

Blessed Reformation Day! Happy 500 years! Happy Hallow’s Eve, depending on when you’re reading this! 🙂 And, happy almost NaNoWriMo! (Shudder) After going from one busy, here is another busy to temporarily consider. Ha! Anyway, below is an interesting and thoughtful alternative to a frenzied 30 days approach: “How to Write a Novel in 30 Days.”

I do also want to say that–largely over the weekend–I may have received enough info and anecdotes for two weeks of blog posts! Woo hoo for me! 😀 And, hopefully that means “Meet, Write, and Salutary” can be especially enjoyable as we transition into colder weather.

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Passion plus Thought

I’m going to park this article here so I can periodically reread it. I recommend you do the same. 🙂 The thesis is “Writing equals passion plus thought,” and I think that is a breath of fresh air compared to much of the pressure we writers may put on ourselves.

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My Why

A sentiment/scenario was sent in and it really resonates with me: “I’ve forgotten my why. I can’t seem to grab hold of it for more than a few minutes and then it slips away.”

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Vocational Jumpstarts

Odds are good that you’ve experienced a writing drought. Maybe you’re in a slump. Or a funk. Maybe too many other things are just flooding your schedule, but today I thought we could address vocational jumpstarts and how that can help us jump back into writing, too.

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5 Tips

Below is a link to “5 Tips for Writing a Likeable “Righteous” Character.” What would 5 tips for writing a realistic character look like for us as Lutherans?

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Too Many Goals

Some quick encouragement to help us focus from the talented author/hymnist/editor Lisa Clark:

If you love to write, write. Don’t worry about all the details that can bring about an abrupt halt to your creativity. But as you write, continue to ask yourself your motivation behind your work. If for personal enjoyment, great. Write things you personally enjoy. If for your family, great. Keep that audience in mind. One of the biggest mistakes writers make is confusing their writing by adding too many different goals each time they sit down to create.

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Mental Health

Mental health. Everyone has it. Somehow that message from Deac. Heidi Goehmann struck me as really chock-full of perspective! And, yes, while it’s a message for everyone, I think it’s a message specifically for writers, too.

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So You Want to Be A Writer

This is a good time to be reminded about Katie Schuermann, who has two great releases out this month! So, today we have a helpful guest post from her titled, “So You Want to Be A Writer?”

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Writing for Magazines and Websites

Freelance writing includes searching for opportunities, and a main opportunity is writing for magazines and websites. Thankfully we have a guest post today, in interview format, to address some of our most common questions. Thanks go to Rebekah Curtis and Nicole M. King!

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I must have flaked out somewhere, because I posted a link prematurely yesterday. In it Katie Schuermann offers great writing advice! I particularly like her line that no one has time to write a book. So true!!! Anyway, I hope you check out that article here.

Today’s post just asks, “How about a Bible study on the cities of refuge?” Yes, refugees are a serious topic and, yes, the church should address it quickly and effectively. Still, I think a Bible study specifically on the cities of refuge could stir up a lot of questions about unintentional crime and sin, just punishments, etc. I think this, too, would be very timely for discussions within the church, and who has studied it on a Sunday morning?

Our modern concept of refuge and refugees is . . . harder to discuss when comparing with our nomadic fathers of the faith, for instance. And, conflating modern connotations with ancient practices makes for tricky language-work sometimes.

What do you think? Want to tackle the Cities of Refuge? Or do you have any great insights into how a Bible study could address modern notions of refuge and refuges?

In the meantime, love and serve your neighbors, whoever and wherever may they be! 🙂

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