Rhymes Old-School and New

I started to write when I was young. I’d write poetry when I should have been listening to math lessons or I’d scribble away in the last few minutes of class.

When I got a little older, I’d write the alphabet vertically down the far right side of my wide-lined paper and I would inwardly curse because I’d skip the first few lines at the top for some random aesthetic appeal and I’d have to write XYZ on the same line. Every time. Because: teenager.

But I liked the pattern of starting to write. Centering the page, writing the alphabet, and starting from a place of confidence: “I know my letters. I know my words. Let’s put something together!”

Adulthood has made me a less secure and more hurried writer. Want to know what I love and frequent? http://rhymezone.com/ I still write that alphabet on a rare occasion, on a road trip or something, but what inner child isn’t thrilled with the ease of rhyming multiple syllables by typing a few letters?!

So there’s another tool for you, if it interests you. Perhaps a tool to keep you humble, because I do think its sad that I’m too rushed to exercise my brain with my own vocabulary and instead turn to a quick google fix. Still, it’s also a sort of game. It is neat to see what rhymes with various words and to think of all those words somebody had to dump into an electronic search engine to enable countless “roses are reds, and violets are blue” by flushed middle schoolers.

Ah, youth. I change my mind. I am more secure now.

Know your letters and your words? Piece some together!

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