Titles and Titillation

Sorry! Hate to break it to you, but we don’t have to call ourselves Writers, with that capital W. Instead, we can be ourselves, right where we are and write where we are! Titles may be important attention-getting devices for our pieces, but we are more than titles. Especially self-chosen ones.

A lot of people lack confidence and think to themselves, “I’m not a writer,” as though writers are more than people who put words to paper. I encourage you, everybody, let’s write. Even if you don’t do it everyday. Even if you’re not trying to make a living by it. Even if you’ve been discouraged. Even if you think of yourself primarily in other ways.

Be part of the masses, and let’s get the masses engaged, thinking, and exploring in a positive direction. Every little bit helps.

As Christians, we are part of something larger, and that is a help and not a hindrance. That is, it helps us and it helps our neighbors.

And that God can take what humble, hidden good works we have and use it to His glory is something writers, and people of every vocation, can take comfort in. Whether he uses our words or any other part of us.

Writing is awesome–no self-identifiers needed. Let’s lift that weight right off our shoulders and use some words! We are free to do so!

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