Writer Closure

Closure can be an illusion in a relationship, but it seems pretty concrete to a Writer. (That’s it, I used the capital W for those of us swimming against the tide in a committed fashion. I may never use it so again.)

The magic formula to find the time, inspiration, and perfect word selections is to be led by the Holy Spirit and write actual Scripture. Did you see what I did there? I’m afraid absolute closure for a writer happened only in the distant past in an effectively closed genre.

Of course, what do we mean when we use the word closure? I haven’t felt closure even with a book in my hands. Though, is closure a feeling? If so, it may be good to know yourself and what sort of feeling and experiential person you can be.

Some consider closure to be that point when a piece is taken out of your hands so no more changes can be made, but, um, what about second editions? Is anything safe from change these days?

What about closure in the sense of satisfaction with a piece? By all means, we can try, but that really may rely a lot on human perspective. You might want to ask yourself, “Am I hard to satisfy?”

Insofar as closure is perceived by a human, it can seem an elusive and fickle thing. But, maybe, just maybe, we’re overthinking it. Are we expecting our writing to be more than a project? Better than words and ideas on paper? Are we losing our self-control and letting expectations and fears pile up?

Take a breath. Even better, take a breather for a bit longer. Words are amazing. You yourself are a crafted creature of God, growing under His care, and stretching yourself with the latest challenge. It’s ok. Even if you are frustrated, rather than satisfied. What is truly satisfying remains and does not change.

So, keep writing. Send in that piece when it’s a good time to and try not to think about it until the ball is in your court once more. Or see if you can practice not thinking about your writing for certain periods of time—like over supper or during evenings with your kids. Because why look for constant closure when so many great things remain open to you? Cook that tasty food, read that page turner, and receive God’s gifts in the many forms they come in!

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