When to Submit

“When to submit?” How is that for a loaded question these days? But, with pretty much only the weekend remaining, when is a good time to submit a piece of writing for a contest or deadline? Would “time to spare” make you second-guess yourself or present well-needed, hopefully well-earned, closure?


I’ve written about closure before so I won’t go into its mythic properties at this point. More, I’m wondering for myself. Am I done? Am I pleased with what I’ve produced? Do I just want this to be over?

So, writers, consider yourselves. Even if you are already past a deadline, how will you decide when enough is enough?

Part of me thinks some people just don’t want to submit. Ever. 🙂 Some submit like they are tossing a wad of paper into a wastebasket, without a care in the world. Some do it begrudgingly and, here’s the big one, most people try to make a reasonable decision. Is there really more time to work on it in the literal days before me? Would my editor feel better about having it a little early? And, will a few minor changes really be the difference between winning or losing a Reformation hymn competition? Maybe or maybe not.

Either way, if you submit or not, if you turn your attention elsewhere or determine to follow your dream on another day, I hope you keep writing. Maybe submission comes later!



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  1. When isn’t my problem. Other than for contests like this one, my problem is “where” to submit.

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