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I really don’t mean to encourage only LCMS Lutherans to publish only through Concordia Publishing House. Lutherans of the world, write! Publish wherever you please! In every language! In a wide variety of genres! Still, today’s post is for those of us interested in working with non-fiction, and how CPH may be a very viable option. Have you heard about the CPH Peer Review process?


Nothing encourages a writer like the words “Publish with Us!” 🙂


There is a nice diversity in topics and very respectable people have published in this way. I’ve been reading through Friends of the Law and had presumed CPH commissioned it.

Deaconess Cheryl D. Naumann is another excellent writer and historian who has gone that route before. I look forward to seeing more from her (although I’m not sure how becoming a missionary, along with her husband, to Latin America will affect her writing projects). (Yay for missionaries!)

I presume CPH Peer Review goes through the regular doctrinal review process, which I really value as both a reader and a writer. I mean, why not get feedback on clarity of theological expression?

I have to say that CPH has been very gracious to me, receiving my ideas through ideas at cph.org. I wouldn’t write expecting them to start publishing a lot of novels or children’s books, but they are very much in the business of publishing non-fiction as a service to the church at large, including lay-friendly material and books geared more toward academia.

PS. I suggest including a description of the potential market even with an initial email feeling them out about your idea. After all, publishers exist to serve their market, and as one of the individuals served, I’m grateful for that.

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