Reformation Hymn Winner

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Lutheran Reformation Hymn Competition has been announced, and the piece is well worth hearing. Below is a link complete with a video of the song sung. Congratulations, Rev. Dr. Wilfred L. Karsten, 2016 Reformation hymn winner!

Two music settings are available with full accompaniment and congregational pages, which is pretty stellar. Mention it to your choir directors and pastors, particularly if you have a congregation that loves to sing!

Dr. Karsten starts with a really great image. Kudos to him! I’m pleased he won.

I’m not Reformation hymn winner, but I’ll go ahead and attach one hymn that I submitted, too.

Send us Now Your Holy Spirit

Mary J Moerbe (Copyright 2015)

Send us now Your Holy Spirit,
Speaking by Your holy Word
That we may hear Law and Gospel,
That our hardened hearts be stirred.

Send Your Law to end all boasting.
Teach us works can’t justify.
Only faith by grace will save us,
Clinging to the Crucified.

Send us Your baptismal promise,
Joining us to Jesus Christ.
By His death we are arisen,
Living by His Sacrifice.

Send us our emancipation.
Bind the strong man. Set us free!
For the sin that would enslave us
Binds us ‘til You speak the key.

Send Your Son onto our altar.
By His Body, give us peace.
Keep us clothed with Him forever
For the great, eternal feast.

Send us, Lord, Your Reformation.
Send Your Gospel, bold and clear.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Give us ears that we may hear!

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