Things have Changed

Things have changed. We all know what, whether we celebrate or decry it. For those of us happy to look for the humorous side of things, I’ve rediscovered a book in my library I’d like to suggest.


The world is full of more than soundbites and jargon. Still, terms can be succulent and savory. And, one perk to brushing up on history is that you are rarely even more behind on the future. 🙂

More seriously though, things have changed, and there is a lot of change that can be downright terrifying. Ours is not the world our parents and grandparents dreamed of. Bloodshed is everywhere, even if it’s hidden away out of view. Faithlessness recognizes no boundaries.

At the same time, there are words and the Word. There are things we can do, speaking the truth in love, and more importantly there is the Word of God, which accomplishes God’s Will, going forth in power to bring life amid death, hatred, and chaos. There is the Word made flesh, who joins us in suffering and won the war, even if lesser battles remain.

We flesh and blood mortals are fickle fellows, but our God is steadfast. We might laugh rather than cry, but God remains with us, no matter how awkward or distraught we may be. (Seriously, thanks, God, for that!)

Lord, have mercy on us, and, Lord, help us to see that You have already had great, abundant mercy on us, in word and deed, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

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