October Portals of Prayer

Time for a yearly post about Portals of Prayer. Applying involves great writing practice and devotional discipline, and those writing samples allow CPH to discover new writers. Win, win. In this new quarter, October through December, I was pleased to see excellent writers for each month!

A Portal into Prayer and Publication

Rev. Trevor Sutton has written several books (It looks like Amazon isn’t up to date, so I’ll include a CPH link, too.). I just posted about Jonathan Schkade a couple of weeks ago. Deaconess Rosie Adle is a personal friend and someone I professionally and personally respect. Her book is here and she contributed here and likely other places as well.

If you want to write for Portals of Prayer, go here. It takes quite a while to put these together, so the current deadline for application is for the year 2019 and that deadline is noon CST on December 19, 2016.

I could be wrong, but it seems like they often have one woman per quarter, so men and women can apply, as well as (obviously then) clergy and laity.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not expect to hear back for a while, if at all. This is a gateway kind of application that many people pursue. At the same time, there is something rewarding and almost therapeutic about writing to such exact dimensions: space counts!!! (To me they are a delightfully nerdy thrill.)

Anyway, the process is a lot of hurry up and wait. You apply and wait. If you are accepted, you are assigned a month and asked for titles, psalms, and readings. Then all the authors get compared so things aren’t redundant. So, to boil it all down, you don’t really have a year to do it, so I wouldn’t apply with that presumption on your mind.

It’s more exacting work than you might expect, and devotional writing has its own pitfalls to avoid. But I wish you well if you want to pursue this endeavor! I had three books out, but no regular person knew who I was until I wrote for Portals! 🙂

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