Describing the process of backing a u-haul or trainer into a driveway is awkward at best. Just like doing it. But the other day I saw a firetruck returning to its station. Two guys hopped out, each to one side, presumably to help with traffic, blind spots, and making it inside. Awkward? No. It was a thing of beauty! Smooth and precise with a priceless professional quality!

It makes me thing that little vocational details like that make a difference. When I was growing up, I wanted to be three things over the years: a chef, a lawyer, or a teacher. A chef because I love food. (Crossed off the list then as now because I want to sit down for dinners!) A lawyer because I can be nit picky and argumentative. (I’ve largely chilled out.) A teacher because I honestly didn’t even know many other things a person could be. I came from a family of teachers and my life revolved around school.

Obviously, now I want both you and me to be all sorts of things, including a writer. Still, I lament how little I knew about possible jobs and entire areas of expertise.

A great way to hat tip those professions and our Lutheran understanding of vocation is write about them. Include those vocational details about a firetruck! Encourage people to acknowledge the honor of simple, hard work, especially when done in love.

It’s a beautiful opportunity, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. May you notice such details in the coming days, too! 🙂

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