Celebrity Deaths

There have been a lot of celebrity deaths recently. Since I’m not a Hollywood follower or in the know regarding Pop Culture, I keep being surprised. Still, it’s among the poignant truths that Christmas time is as good a time as any to put death into perspective . . .

Not our perspective, of course, but Scripture’s. The light came and shone in darkness, and that darkness remains very much with us. In hope it is lightened and at the final coming it will be lifted away forever. The Lord will be our Light, our sun and our moon, figuratively and literally.

I found out about a few other deaths that have me in mourning. An elderly couple who died from monoxide poison the day before Christmas. A young police officer took his life Christmas day. I needn’t mention the celebrity ones.

Mourning in the midst of gladness is all too real. This too will pass. But, for now, may it equip us with compassion and remind us of God’s ongoing mercy, even while we wait.

I fear this blog is taking too much time away from me writing. Still, I don’t want to give it up though since I’m probably not at a prolific stage anyway. I hope I’m encouraging you. With the Gospel or a little thoughtful provocation if not with all-things-writing. 🙂

Celebrity deaths and mundane, ordinary lives. Balances out, I suppose. Because of the One who bore, and bears, the weight of it all. Sin deals its blows, but the Triune God gives us victory. 🙂 And uses words! Beautiful.

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  1. It is encouraging! The perspective is valuable. Thank you for today’s reminder.

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