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I’m always happy to spread news from Lutheran writers and publishing houses. Today’s post offers us a Rev. Aaron Simms and St. Polycarp update.

LCMS Pastor Simms and St. Polycarp Publishing House specialize in Christian theology, history, and classical studies. So, maybe it shouldn’t surprise us that they are now turning their attention to offering St. Polycarp Academy for online instruction!

St. Polycarp Academy

From its website:

St. Polycarp Academy provides on-line instruction about the early New Testament Church, the Church Fathers, and the Bible to help you learn more about the Christian faith and embolden your witness.

Classes currently include:

  • Introduction to Christianity
  • Thinking Theologically
  • The Creeds
  • Early Christian Apologists
  • On This Rock: What People Really Believed about Jesus Christ in the Early Church . . . and Why it Matters
  • The Book of Hebrews
  • Ephesians
  • First Peter
  • Intro to Islam

I’m excited to check out the content in the glow of my screen and the ease of my unpredictable timetable.

They are also putting together a forum for questions and answers, so let’s keep that on the back-burner of our minds as it builds and grows. It’s always nice when we can direct non-Lutheran, or even non-Christian, friends to websites that can help explain our positions.

Ok, but wait. Don’t do that all the time! 😉 Writing answers is an excellent writing exercise, as is trying to write up one’s beliefs and various explanations.

Thanks for the St. Polycarp update, Rev. Simms! It’s always nice to start a new year with good news and more resources!

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