Tally Marks

Yesterday I made one confession and today I have another, more funny, one regarding tally marks. (BTW, I’ve gotten some good feedback about reviews/reviewing. Stay tuned for more on that topic later.)

I’ve totally failed my New Year’s resolution. The funny thing, however, is how  failed. I resolved to try to exercise more and keep a tally. I exercised fine—I just couldn’t consistently write down those little lines! 

Yep, I exercised more than I slashed on an index card. Even with that index card immediately in front of me. <hung head> Yep, my lack of discipline in writing is that deep, pervasive, and dominant! UGH!

This, my friends, is why we need daily repentance rather than yearly. 🙂 It’s also why a sense of humor can be so important to writing as a practice!

Writing doesn’t go as planned, no matter our resolve. It’s ok. It’s not really even a mark against us. Days continue to pass. We keep living in God’s mercy, and we still have each other. 🙂

Happy writing!

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