Medicine for the Soul

Sometimes I have poetry ideas, taking novel approaches to important religious things and then twisting it in an unexpected way at the end. For instance, my latest: comparing the Lord’s Supper, the medicine of our soul, to medicine that children seek out.

Obviously, the analogy has limits and the twist at the end would be significant and ironic. Maybe it’s odd, but the appeal to me is taking a common stereotype and turning it upside down. We can consider ourselves to be adults so proudly, but we are children, children of God. We take hold of things, even grabbing for them, but often we refuse to see things that way. Yet there are positives to it!

We are in need of the medicine for the soul, and, as children of God, it is good that we reach for things He gives us. Part of the juxtaposition could be that we think we are taking when really our Father is giving us what we need. He watches but doesn’t necessarily step in to rectify our each and every misunderstanding. Ultimately, because He is the one who’s already handled poison control!

On the human side of things, I think it’s good to remember that we can be eager for the Lord’s Supper. We can run to it for all the right reasons even though there’s more to learn and growth in store for our understanding.

Isn’t it great how God refutes our assumptions? We know medicine is powerful, yet we overlook the bread that sustains us so easily. Yet, the Lord’s Supper is our bread from heaven. It is Jesus, given to us to eat and drink for the forgiveness of our sins, union with His very body, and communion with His body the Church.

🙂 No one would ever publish the book of poetry I have in mind, but I still get ideas. And, why not? The words may not flow now—there is literally no start on such a work despite years of occasional thoughts—but I appreciate the chance to think about things from a different angle. Admittedly, I seek out analogy limits first, perhaps my internal pessimist. Still, I appreciate that we can mull things over, play with words and concepts, etc.

So, today I’ll wish you word play and random concepts for the weekend! Also, happy writing and, God-willing, eternal medicine for the soul!


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