Writing about Sleep

Does it sound dumb that I kind of want to try my hand writing about sleep? It wouldn’t exactly be about sleep. I actually think it’d be an interesting angle to see just how applicable biblical theology is.

Ok, and I’m periodically an insomniac.

Still, think about it. Writing about sleep would let me address how some things are simply a gift from God, without a magical way for us to conjure it on our own. At the same time, we grasp for control, just where the body, mind, and emotional connection is . . . well, jumbled in a heap on or under the bed linens of your choice.

I could address that connection while steering away from advice toward God’s actual revelations about sleep! Ever think about that? Scripture addressing sleep? Yet, it’s a daily, persistent gift from God.

I don’t know which would be best: a study format or a book. Either way I’d like to give Gospel for the burdened, restless, anxious, guilty, and tormented. And, isn’t our bed one place we realize just which of those categories we fit into at a given time?

Maybe I’m reaching. Maybe I’m a bit “thought out” and need a few more long nights of unconsciousness! 🙂

It irks me a little that my thoughts keep coming to these angles. I mean, why not just write about a topic? Nice and straight-forward! Remember that Holy Spirit book I keep meaning to write?! Sigh, I think I’m seeking weightiness-control.

How can a person tell what is meaty enough without being overly heavy? I was just talking about it with a friend the other day. Ha! Probably on a different day I’d be able to address that question! Funny, that! Guess some days just aren’t intended for solving the world’s writers’ dilemmas!


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  1. Kathy Birkett

    When I was going through an extended period of sleeplessness, I looked in the Bible for stuff on sleep. I’m sure there is more than I remember, but I don’t think I found much. However, there is one verse in the Psalms — sorry, I’m not much help here as I can’t remember the reference — about promising sleep to His faithful. It made a difference. At that time also, instead of being annoyed that I was awake, I turned it into prayer time. It’s now automatic if I’m awake in the night, I spend that time praying. And, the blessing is that I usually fall asleep before I’m finished praying. 😀

    And, I don’t think you are reaching. It is one of those things that we take for granted. And it is a coming together of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves in a way over which we have no control. Raw truth about our lives can be found in those sleepless hours, I think. As for how much is too much, write it and get opinions. I think people will tell you what is too much. Just a thought. 🙂

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