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I know my menu is already clunky with webpages, but I’ve thought of one more. Once again, I’d like your help as you’re able to lend it. 🙂 Let’s help parents of writers! What would you put on a Parenting Writers page? How can we help and support? What are a few basics that can equip those alongside the writing game to safeguard writing kids?

Is it funny or sad that I immediately want to write a treatise on internet safety? 🙁 Most basic internet safety tips apply: don’t post addresses or personal pictures online. Beware of crazies and stalkers. And, many people may steal online work: ideas, wording, etc.

Copyright laws are complicated and tricky in court. Don’t believe there can be easy tricks, and be careful about using found images!!!

Generally, posting other things online can be done safely. However, once something is published online, it will not be published elsewhere.

If you have a writer who is ready to publish things, this is what I recommend.

  1. Send it to a small circle (both peer and adult) for editing and review.
  2. If it’s really ready to be shared, let it be shared. However,
    1. It should be in an unchangeable format.
    2. It should be in some way protected from spanners. I can’t speak to various self-publication sites, but spam is likely mentioned under FAQs or Common Questions.
  3. If it really is ready to be shared, kids can self-publish through Amazon and it may be as easy as self-publishing just on a website. (Am I wrong?)

My own recommendations is not to spend money to get something published. There are predatory publishers out there who will charge money to essentially make you feel good.

How can we help protect the impressionable from negative reviews and hurtful comments? Maybe a pseudonym will work. You can also have a conversation with your child about why that child wants to write. Is it to hear good things about him- or herself? It might be. On the other hand, if a solid work ethic is part of this, your child may be better equipped than you realize to handle some of the writing woes that all of us face at some point. Often repeatedly.

Personally I really admire writers who started at a young age. They can have a beautiful sense of reality, due inquisitivity, and profound expressions. They can work hard and writer even harder! 🙂

Teen writers is even a “thing” now. Google it.

Parents of writers, you don’t even need to read every little thing in order to validate your child’s writing experience. Give them a box where they can store their precious memoirs, notes, and drafts. I still have mine! Some writers are prolific!

Do we have any parents of writers following this blog? Feel free to comment or contact me with thoughts/ideas/questions/scenarios.


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  1. jgernander

    Thank you for these well-ordered thoughts, Mary! I also appreciate your tab on this subject. We are working through the elements of your recommendations!

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