Listen. There are going to be days when one of your kids hides the computer mouse. It will be missing. All. Day. Long.

You have a choice. You can freak out. Let tension take over. Or . . .

What are the “or’s” again? 😉 OR you can remember it’s just a day. Or a few days. Or until you can run out to Walmart or ask a friend to order one Prime.

You are not going to write every day. You aren’t. It isn’t up to you and I roll my eyes at any book that suggests it always is.

It’s still ok! I promise! 🙂

Happy writing! Or reading! Or searching for computer mouses! Even losing your mind as may occasionally happen round my parts! lol

May our Lord sustain us!

PS. Thankfully it wasn’t IN a toilet, it was merely ON one.

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