Called to Defend: An Apologetics Handbook for the Middle School Student

Look at what timely book I just discovered! Called to Defend: An Apologetics Handbook for the Middle School Student is a very new release from a CUW (or as I still think of it, “Mequon”!) grad, Valerie Locklair. I haven’t read it. I haven’t seen it, but I very much love the idea and so far all reviews are very positive. One review, in particular, I see is from Dr. Angus Menuge, who I trust as a Lutheran and scholar.

Called to Defend is published by NRP Books (New Reformation Publications), the publishing branch of 1517 The Legacy Project. There are actually a few books in their bookstore it looks like I’ve missed. Hmm.

Welp, posts are short as the kids’ basketball and baseball are temporarily overlapping. 🙂 And, I’m no longer sure when my two-week Spring stay-cation break will begin. Who needs to plan ahead anyway?! 😉

Happy reading & writing! And, let’s go ahead and dream BIG!

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