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Summer is a wonderful time for reading, not just as individuals but also as a family. Here is a book written by LCMS Pastor Tyrel BramwellFinding the Truth in Story: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Vol. 1. I asked him to write a few words for a guest post today to let us know a little bit more about the book.

An Introduction To Finding the Truth in Story: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Vol. 1

By Rev. Tyrel Bramwell

Finding the Truth in Story: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Vol. 1 is a project that developed out of my daughter’s love of reading. I started reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales when my wife and I gave her a copy of the complete collection for Christmas. I wanted to help her understand them, especially those that get pretty dark. Before I knew it I was treating the text like one of my theological volumes, underlining certain lines, writing notes in the margins, and scratching in Bible passages.

There were a lot of parallels. How many readers see the truth of Christ-crucified in the Frog-King, baptism in Fitcher’s Bird, or think of the Lord’s Prayer when they read Sweet Porridge? I hoped my daughter did. I hope everyone who reads them do.

The whole thing reminded me of what Justin Martyr said, “Whatever things were rightly said among men, are the property of us Christians.” The world is putting its spin on these tales and as it does it removes from the Christian what was said rightly, recasting them to reflect our sinful culture. This book is a small effort to help Christian readers hold onto the treasures in these stories, treasures that have gave them their staying power.

For the convenience of today’s reader, I updated the 1884 vocabulary and adjusted the layout of the text to read like modern stories. There are twenty-five fairy tales in this volume, each one accompanied by my Christian reading. The goal is to help readers better see the connectivity between the words of man and the Word of God.

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Sounds good to me! Thanks, Rev. Bramwell! A welcome addition to some classic family reading!

Below are two links because somehow the kindle and paperback versions don’t share a page. <shrug>

Happy reading and writing, folks!

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