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I’m starting to feel a little bit like a resource junkie. Still, I said I’d post for a week, so here you go: more resources. Twenty of ’em. Want more? Give me a topic and I’ll look into ’em!

There are a lot of resources left to talk about. I might get a little lazy and use bullet points and summaries. 🙂 You won’t mind, will you?

I’ll leave these visible, though, so it’s easy to find them again.


  • Tons of stuff here for evangelism, Bible studies, Lutheran school week, stewardship, homeless outreach, worship & prayers. For example, go here to learn to prepare a care kit for someone who is homeless.

2) CTCR Document Library


4) Lutheran Hour Ministries:

5) Higher Things:

6) Lutheran Deaf Ministry Society resources!

7) A directory of LCMS recognized service organizations (RSOs), including all sorts of social services

8) Steadfast Lutheran Resources 

9) Lutheran Audio Review 

10) Kids in the Divine Service for the Lutheran Service Book: Free PDFs!

11) Lessons for Lambs

12) Organ Playing 101 (Videos below are 8-10 minutes each)

13) KFUO

14) Lutheran Public Radio Talk 

15) Pirate Christian Radio (pirate as in outside main stream)

16) Concordia Seminary Youtube Page, Sermon helps, and CSL Scholar

17) Concordia Theological Seminary Youtube Page & CTSFW Media Resources 


19) God’s Hand in our Lives (Sunday School) (Church of the Lutheran Confession)

20) Issues, Etc.

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