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The Brothers of John the Steadfast (aka Steadfast Lutherans) have published a new book of sermons, this time by the excellent Rev. Rolf Preus! Here is the announcement about A Year of Law & Gospel Preaching: Postil of Sermons on the One-Year Lectionary.

Thank you, Lord, for Law & Gospel preaching!

These sermons were gathered by volunteers, who gathered sermons for each Sunday of the Church Year. “Rev. Andrew Packer and Mr. T.R. Halvorson, in particular, have put in a lot of work on this project reading, selecting, and editing.  They deserve our thanks.  Also, thank you to Mrs. Kris Brown for helping with the layout and Mrs. Laura Richert for editing this volume.”

Every Sunday of the Church Year! AWESOME! 

Here is an excerpt of the forward, with a digital version of the full Forward here:


A Year of Law & Gospel Preaching:
Postil of Sermons on the One-Year Lectionary
by Rev. Rolf Preus

Being called to write this foreword is among the highest honors of my life. The call came to me because I am a parishioner of Pastor Preus. The Holy Spirit preaches Law and Gospel to me by means of the mind and voice of my pastor. I have heard his preaching within the texture of the historic liturgy and in combination with the Sacraments. Pastor Preus’ lips move, his tongue articulates, his lungs exhale, and his vocal cords vibrate. My eardrums resonate with the sonic airwaves. Yet, it is the Holy Spirit who speaks the Word of the Living God and gives me ears to hear.

Why is preaching a big deal? Why do sermons matter? Why produce a postil of them? Why pay good, hard-earned money for a postil and then spend time and thought reading it?

What kind of preaching is best? Why a whole book of Law and Gospel sermons?

Why a postil of sermons by Pastor Rolf David Preus?

Preaching is a big deal because God himself made it so.

Of course, you should also consider Christ for Us: Catechism Sermons of Rolf D Preus (The Lutheran Catechesis Series!


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