Folks, have you visited recently? Because you should. I hadn’t realized it, but that site has been a church resource for 20 years now! And they are now expanding what they plan to do . . . 

Scholia provides free written resources and those resources have been downloaded all over the world and, I believe, onto every continent including Antarctica! 

There are bulletin covers, sermons, bulletin inserts, and devotions. There are writings specifically for the Diaspora, which refers to the faithful scattered throughout the world.

There are hymns, mostly by Rev. Eric Stefanski. There are also writings by Rev. Tim Paul and Rev. M. McCoy.

So, all of that is to say that there’s good stuff to explore, no matter where you may be.

The new stuff coming will be audio resources! More writings, including devotions, sermons, hymnody. Some repristination (original content published anew), some by Lutherans still living. For now, you have to go to Rev. McCoy’s site Bookmark it! It’ll be worth it!

The most recent addition is an audio book version of Preparing for Death: The Holy Art of Dying.  I’ve heard great things about it!

Ok. That’s it for now. 🙂 Have a good weekend, folks. Again, if you contact me about my requests earlier this week, I’ll get back to you and really appreciate your feedback! It’s all for a project I hope to reveal in another week or two . . . so that’s not too long of a dramatic pause before reveal. 😉

Happy reading & writing!

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