Picking up Steam

Good news! I think I’m picking up steam again! It sure was awful to be sick so long. And now my dear husband’s serving as a vacancy pastor on top of his usual duties, so it’ll be a busy time for our family. Still, picking up steam! Yay! For today I’ll offer two things: Veith Papers & Presentations and Lutheran Conferences & Retreats!

You know I’ve been working on the Cranach Institute’s new website: Cranach.org. I don’t even remember how much I’ve told you, or how often I’ve asked you for leads on things to add. Whatever. I’m so pleased with how the Veith Papers & Presentations page is turning out! 

Please check it out. Bookmark it. Let me know if/when there are things to add. That’d be GREAT! 

Then, over on LutheranHomeschool.com, I’ve put together a page for Lutheran Conferences. There are all sorts, including education since it is a homeschooling site. I’m quite pleased with it, although I’m sure there are more out there!

I used a little discretion. After all, not every conference expects people to fly in. Local conferences may want to be sola local and that’s fine. Thanks for all the emails you sent me! They not only gave me great suggestions, but encouraged me along the way. 🙂

Anyway, now that these two are up on the internet, hopefully they’re an easy google search away. 

If you could, please let me know about other conferences you hear about, especially confirmation retreats. It occurs to me that that might be a particularly great opportunity for homeschooling kids—let alone homeschooling pastors’ kids—as well as kids who simply don’t have many confirmation friends.

I’ll also highlight a conference I only recently learned about: Evanguard. The expression comes from blending “evangelical” with “vanguard.” The point is to promote and explore biblical masculinity and manhood for all boys 8 and older. Sounds great to me! 

Thanks to everyone behind these conferences, retreats, and, frankly, without people hosting conferences and websites the online content for Cranach.org wouldn’t be nearly so easily available! Hip hip hooray for these services to the church and those who continue to provide them! 🙂

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