Snow peas

Don’t imagine that we’ve caught up with yard work—we haven’t, but I have to tell you. Our snow peas a) have never survived this long, b) have never bloomed at the same time as our tomato plants—and they’re still blooming (!), and c) some plants are as high as my nose! 

Maybe I’m crazy, but these are the little details I’d like to include in a novel sometime. Because even though we like to pretend things are normal, are they? Have you ever thought snow peas or sugar snaps could get so crazy high?

I wonder what’s going on beneath the soil around here. Just about any amount of rain and we’re flooded again. It’s like the underground rivers have stopped rushing water away.

And isn’t that a tidbit for a novel or am I being too obvious in the books I sometimes read? 😉

Maybe our writing projects are like snow peas. Some blossom early. Some late. Too much sun or weed hampers them. Too often they bow down, giving up. Sometimes there’s just not enough time. Sigh.

Still, sometimes they offer their fruit to others. 🙂 Admittedly after needing quite a bit of support from others.

Happy reading and writing.

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