Organizing Books

Do you have a philosophy, strategy, or tactic for organizing books? Because I need help.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got my Lutheran fiction all together. I’ve got my “books to read” section. I have a Russian section, a British section, a general non-fiction section and several theological sections (hymnals/music, theology, devotionals, etc.).

My homeschooling books, however, are everywhere. But, far worse than that, my children’s books are such a mess that it’s impossible to find anything.

Do you organize by reading level? I think that’s what I’d like to do. But my five year old just started reading easy chapters books and it’s not like I can stop him from reading younger than that!

And would I prep ahead to have a high school level?!

Maybe you don’t care about organizing books. Maybe this isn’t your struggle. But if you have tips, I’d welcome them. Gotta tame some book chaos, even as other types of chaos take turns being addressed. 🙂

You know the drill. Comment, contact me through Facebook, or contact me through a form on this site.

Rock on, folks. Wishing you & yours books well.

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