Multilayered Unity

I haven’t shared an idea for a while so here goes: While American society devolves in its education while eschewing cultural exchange & interaction, why not explore how Christianity offers multilayered unity? If I were to do it, and I certainly don’t have the time right now, I’d aim for a novel aimed at middle schoolers and older. I’d make it dystopian. While education revolves around ideas that are not allowed to interact with actual life, Christianity is underground, subversive in its emphases that what we believe does affect everything else in our life. 

Admittedly, I’d geek out and restore Latin and Greek as lingua francas. Religious material outlawed, a primary way to read religious texts is to . . . you guess it, translate it! So that’s what Christian parents and children do at home. Church services are in other languages, too, as that somehow slips past the hate speech laws since the past of x-many-years-ago falls under different legislation than the present and future.

A main theme would be thankfulness. How do we give thanks when so much needs to change? How do we give thanks when we are deeply unhappy? In fact, what’s the different between thanksgiving and praise in the life of a Christian?

If I were to handle it, I’d tackle evangelism in a sequel, leaving the first one to really thoroughly explore Christian identity, Christianity intellect, and Church cohesion.

I would, however, love to include international dimensions. How would eastern and western churches interact if modern speech all over were no longer free? How would “speaking in tongues” be understood when its “modern expression” is legally binding and interpretation essentially outlawed?

If I could geek out enough, I’d love to include some love of grammar. I think, as people of the Word, we should actually actively pursue grammatical understanding.  

Would the hard part be imagining such a world? I don’t think so. The hard part might lie in how to describe the multilayered unity. But I expect Lutheranism can offer the clearest confession and articulation of it.

What do you think? 🙂 Let me know if you’d like to grab this idea and I’ll give it to you freely. I’ll even remove this post to moderate your competition.

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Otherwise, happy writing with whichever projects are under your pen. Including grading. Homeschool is back in swing and keeping me busy! 🙂

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