Rev. Rac

Lutheran pastor and author Tyrel Bramwell has started a new and tremendous project: Rev. Rac! Short for Reverend Raconteur Publishing, Rev. Rac is a new publishing house for clergyman storytellers and those who love to listen to them.

Obviously, think we should have more clergyman storytellers in this world. 🙂 I hope you do, too.

To quote from Rev. Bramwell’s announcement:
I’ve expanded my work in the book world. Authoring? Already doing that. Publishing? Why the heck not! My imprint is public and I intend to grow this endeavor to include today’s very best clergymen storytellers. So, obviously you understand why the first addition to the REVEREND RACONTEUR brand is my friend, the masterful storyteller, Rev. Christopher Thoma. We have two new works from him coming your way very soon, and then the addition of his back works! Here we go.

I love the camaraderie of it—pastors sticking together—and I love the narrative, storytelling focus. It’s brilliant. Storytelling certainly crosses through both fiction and non-fiction and a great many genres. I hope Rev. Rac can publish in all of them! 

Meanwhile, all of us not-pastors, let’s do ourselves a favor. Let’s keep this new little publishing house, Rev. Rac, in mind and check out their new releases. Let’s also be sure to spread news of this opportunity to our pastor-writing friends. (They can probably use the encouragement.)

Woo hoo! Pastor publishing! Exciting times! Great times to be a Lutheran writer!

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