Portals of Prayer Devotional Bible

I got an absolutely beautiful Bible in the mail last week: the Portals of Prayer Devotional BibleIt is a full ESV translation of Scripture with 700 devotions contributed to Portals of Prayer through the years. What a clever idea!

(By the way, did you know you can get Portals of Prayer for your kindle? AWESOME!)

Anyway, there have been some really great writers for PoP, as I sometimes think of it. PoP goes all the way back to 1937! There are sure to be some real gems to treasure in the Portals of Prayer Devotional Bible.

Ok. I feel a little funny admitting this, but now I have some of my writing in the Bible. Who knew those words would ever get pieced together in my head?! Anyway, I have ten devotions in there, so that’s pretty cool. It really encourages me to think that I really am helping the church through writing, you know? Sometimes we just don’t get a lot of feedback!

Ha, preaching to the choir, aren’t I? 🙂

Anyway, this would probably be a lovely gift for someone who’d like to read Scripture more but may feel a little intimidated. Devotional guidance from a trusted source? Sounds great to me! And, again, it’s beautiful.

PS. Don’t forget that the next deadline to apply for Portals of Prayer is likely either December or March, although I couldn’t find the regular page on the CPH website. You could email to ask.

PPS. To enter to win a free copy of God Tells Us About Himself: Martin Luther’s Catechism with Pictures, which is pocket-sized and super charming, comment here.

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