Without Dreams . . .

Lutheran author and artist Ray Spitzenberger commented on his Facebook the other day about seeing a message on Facebook: “Without dreams we reach nothing.” He applied it to himself, as he continues to write and pursue his passions, so let’s go ahead and apply it to ourselves, too. 🙂 We’ll find we’re in good company with him.

Admittedly, I saw Ray’s post and not the whole meme—for surely it was a meme—but it reminds me of an important point. We who are trying to write are not inherently better than anyone else. We may not even have a better way with words. What may very well set us apart is just a little bit of gumption, a wee might with passion, or a daring to dream!

What do I want for myself and for all of you, my fellow writers? Wisdom, sure. Discernment, of course. (Ahem, proper grammar.) But primarily the sheer bravery to sit down and face a blank page. To type text, delete, retype, edit, and persist

Where would we be without dreams? Without a message, expression, or heart at our back? Without that first of literary starting points?

We may not make a bazillion dollars. Ok, um, ha haa, we won’t make a bazillion dollars, but the point isn’t the money. It’s the message and drive to put words on a page and get them into the eyes and ears of readers. Isn’t it?

Something to think about.

Thanks for spreading the concept and encouragement, Ray! 🙂

I’ll close with a link to Ray’s book, which itself has me dreaming of meals, recipes, families and noodles stretching into the past:


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  1. Ray Spitzenberger

    Very well written, Mary! And thanks for the plug! Your words of encouragement are a blessing to all of us Lutherans who write! You are a model for all of us to follow. Thanks, Ray

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