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Folks, I’ll try not to do it too often, but I can’t help but think my books make for good Christmas ideas. Do you know what I’ve written?

I have a small, pocket-sized booklet for new mothers that makes an excellent stocking stuffer: Dear MotherIt’s a little something I did for LWML. It’s very handy. Even better, it’s reassuring and full of Gospel for those who may not have much time or energy or, frankly, company during that unique time of life. It’s only $2.99 from CPH.

Next, you won’t be surprised to know I wrote a book to help parents with young children during church. The text helps littles understand what is going on during the Divine Service, and there are even little hand gestures you can teach them. In the back, there are in-sanctuary tips for parents during those more troubling times. You know, having toddlers in church. lol. That’s my Whisper, Whisper: Learning About Church


For a little older, I wrote How Can I Help: God’s Calling for Kids. This one is available as a mini-book, kindle, or hardcover. It more or less traces how we help one another all throughout the day, because God works through us. But God doesn’t need a helper. He is a helper, but even more He is our Savior! It’s super sweet, and, frankly, the book may be worth it just for the excellent illustration work, which includes a tree bearing cupcakes. lol

You may start to notice a theme. My first book for adults is Family Vocations: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood. I wrote it with my father, Gene Veith. (His books make for good Christmas gifts, too. ;)) 

It doesn’t answer every burning question, but it’s a solid grounding for those who are engaged, expecting, or generally like marriage or parenting books. We also do hit on vocations of grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc., some.

Do note that we wrote this so that those who are complimentarian or otherwise can be comfortable considering our position of vocational perspective. 

Here’s the Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Confusing the Family
  2. Vocation in the Nourishing Estate
  3. Marriage
  4. The Office of Husband
  5. The Office of Wife
  6. Sex and Vocation
  7. The Crosses of Marriage
  8. Parenthood
  9. The Office of Father
  10. The Office of Mother
  11. Raising Children
  12. The Crosses of Parenthood
  13. Childhood
  14. Growing
  15. The Crosses of Childhood
  16. The Rest of the Family
  17. Conclusion: Restoring the Family


Ahh, next is the book I wrote when my twinnies were still teeny, tiny! 🙂 Blessed: God’s Gift of Love is an extensive look at blessing in the Old Testament. It is written for lay-people, but it is on the academic side. It delves pretty deep, and I’m so blessed from having studied the material by Dr. Christopher Mitchell! The book is based on his doctoral dissertation.


I’ve done other little things, contributions, etc., but this list is almost done. Two more which would have heard about if you follow this blog at all. 🙂

Ecclesial Poetry is my first release of theological poetry. It’s a fine collection for those who like to consider word studies in Scripture or who simply enjoy how words working together. 


Finally, for all the Lutheran pastors out there, I put together a 2020 Pastoral Planner! It’s spiral bound and an attempt toward developing the content of the old Thrivent calendar, which CPH has thankfully re-introduced. 

Table of Contents:

  • 12 Traditional Calendar Pages: Two-Page Spreads in Typical Calendar Format;
  • Weekly Schedule Pages: Two-Page Spreads Showing Hourly Breakdown for Each Day of the Week;
  • Consecutive Service Planning Pages: Two-Page Spreads with Lectionary Bible References for One and Three-Year Series from LSB;
  • Shut-in Visitation Charts: Fill in Names & Check Off Visitations Bi-monthly or Monthly for Easy Recordkeeping;
  • Record of Pastoral Acts: Write as You Go to Update Official Books & Meetings Later;
  • Record of Mileage: One-Page per Month;
  • Advanced Calendar with Feasts, Festivals, & Dates to Come: One Month Per Page for Easy Scanning;
  • Note Pages for Agenda Items: Multiple Columns for Tracking Multiple Groups

The next two Christmas ideas I wish I could write for you are 1) The Trinity for Tots, an illustrated set of rhyming couplets that teach about the Trinity without analogies, and 2) perhaps my Ecclesial Poetry, Volume 2 will revolve around Creation and Advent. 🙂 Nothing makes me want to write poetry quite like the hymn, “O Lord, How Shall I Meet You!”

A blessed Advent to you all! And may your Christmas ideas include supporting another Lutheran or two! 😉

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