A Little One Amidst the Shadows

A long promised, even-longer-intended review on Rev. Michael McCoy’s A Little One Amidst the Shadows

 A Little One Amidst the Shadows Review

I finally figured it out—what was keeping me from knowing how to phrase this review—and it’s a single word: primal. This novel hit me on a very primal level, peering into quandaries of fear and perception.

The book is about a man. No name is given, although there is also a woman and a boy. And visitors. But what can we know about these visitors: Are we meeting God, angels, demons, dreams, nightmares, truth or deception?

This is a powerful book. Masculine. Something of a punch in the gut, begging the questions, “What would I do?” “What do I know?” and “How would I handle that?”

This was the first of Rev. McCoy’s books I read (the second in a series) and I was struck, again and again, thinking about it for weeks! A bit dumb-struck, to be honest. Subsequent books address different issues and you come to see the humanity and the faith of those involved. This one, however, is what I can only call piercing allegory. Clever, intriguing allegory.

Subsequent books add more story and character development. But as a stand alone read, this was an impressive introduction to Rev. McCoy as a writer, thinker, and theologian.


You can also read my review of one of his previous book, The Bestman, the Bride and the Weddinghere. Although some of Rev. McCoy’s books are available through Amazon and Lulu, I didn’t see A Little One Amidst the Shadows there. Only at Amazon for now.

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