Western Civilization

Sometimes all I want in the world is to boil down western civilization so I can give every bit of it to my children. And then I want to add in awesome parts from other parts of the world, too. 

What helps is that, really, Christianity contains, in a nutshell, most of the so called advances of western civilization while also retaining a more eastern consciousness of the spiritual. Ok, that sounds hokey. But I mean that Christianity really does offer all I ultimately want for my kids.

Still, I wish I could amass the poetry and writing that would inspire them with beauty, nourish them with knowledge and wisdom, and encourage them toward thankfulness to God and love toward one another. I wish I could give them the world without having to hope that they can strengthen or retain civilization against forces massing against both it and them. Sigh.

Let’s pray for our children. And western civilization.

I had a very interesting chat with my dad between Bible study and Divine Service about what it takes to foster both literacy and the production of literature in a society. Riveting stuff! And so often taken for granted by those fortunate enough to exist in such a time and place. Sigh.

So, write, my friends, and read. Ponder and reflect. Value and give thanks. We have so many gifts from God to be thankful for!

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