Original 14th century English

Ok. This is too cool not to pass along: there is now an app which reads you Chaucer out loud in original 14th century English!

Here is the article, which you should read. The bottom has links to various means to get the app.

It is not yet the entire Canterbury Tales. It is still super duper awesome and I cannot wait to try it out!

Call me crazy, but even if I can’t understand the middle English* I want to get it in my ears and have a way for my husband and kids to hear it. 🙂 

I think sometimes we forget how powerful sounds are. Maybe this is a chance to remember physically as well as mentally.



* Note that even this is not Old English. Beowolf, with its extensive German influence, would be an example for that. Rather what Chaucer offers us is colloquial language of the 14th century! An emerging London dialect as well as “northern” examples!

Pardon me that I care, but I do! 🙂 And, if you are interested in only dipping your toes into the thees and thous that linger from (not middle English but) early Modern English or King James English, I sell an easy to understand, 6-page PDF titled “A Guide to Thees, Thous, Et Cetera” for $1.25 here at LutheranHomeschool.com. 😀

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