Mini-Public Service Announcement

My public service announcement for today: Find all those books you’ve borrowed from your friends, family, and congregational library. READ THEM! 🙂 Then put them in their own pile for the moment when you can finally return them.

Also, consider your Kindle titles from oldest to newest. Freshens things up a bit, at least for me.

I’m starting to write a little poetry again. That’s good. I’ve been staying home for who-knows-how-long now and our governor only recently gave orders. So, welp, better restore a little creative balance cuz homeschooling in the spring is not on my list of favorite things! Although at least some of the rain is past, so hopefully we can get some good outdoor time into our days now.

If there’s anything you’d like to see from me, just let me know. I think I’ll gather up a list of solid titles for Lutheran sermon books. Seems like a handy thing to have on hand, even if electricity is keeping us in YouTube and Facebook services. Would there be interest in pandemic-related prayers? I might run into copyright issues with posting historic ones, but I daresay I know folks who could craft some good ones or even do it myself. I also have a few reviews coming up . . . as soon as I get into the mood to write them.

Have a safe weekend, folks!

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