Portals of Prayer App Sale

If Portals of Prayer is part of your daily devotional life, then I have good news for you. CPH is having a Portals of Prayer App sale through the end of July, during which time you can save 50% and get a digital subscription for only $4.99!

I think the app’s had something of a recent makeover, btw. It’s available for iOS and Android for free, though you need the digital subscription (which is what’s on sale) to gain access.

This also reminds me of the Portals of Prayer Bible, which turned out quite nice: 

I’m honored to have a few PoP devotions in there. 🙂 It may be a good comfort if you know someone who likes a little extra guidance for his or her Scripture reading.

Or, if you prefer something with a little extra oomph, there’s the CPH PrayNow app. It may not be part of the CPH Portals of Prayer app sale, but it’s still a very reasonable $8.99 for all you gain access to.

Resources worth sharing. 🙂 By the way, you’ve probably noticed I now have more nifty CPH graphics & banners. Yay for CPH and their expanding marketing! They have their own affiliate program now and everything!

In other news, I’ve read a few great Lutheran books this summer and keep meaning to type up reviews. I’ve just got to find the right mindset at the same time as time at my keyboard!

Wishing you all well!

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