Shifting Sands

My goal is to review the Lutheran books I’ve read this summer, but to do, at most, every other day reviews. Today’s review will be on Lutheran author Ray Keating‘s Shifting Sands: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short StoryThe summer $2.99 sale is still going on, though I don’t know how long it will last, so keep that in mind. 

As I posted here, I can’t believe I missed this release in 2018! You can also find links to just about every one of the Stephen Grant series in that post. In fact, maybe I’ll edit it to include this one! 

Shifting Sands Review

When I see a short story on Amazon, I always wonder if it’s worth it. I think this one is. This is a second short story in the Stephen Grant series, nestled in with now ten novels! If you like Stephen Grant, you’ll like this story.

It’s quick paced with familiar characters. It gets into some of the human complications while allowing for death-defying spy action, and this series continues to incorporate Christianity into it in a way that really speaks to me. It’s about concern for others and concern for the truth.

Admittedly, beach volleyball has some bikini action, but nothing scandalous—you know, apart from terrorist violence & good guy vs. bad guy fight scenes. This novella was another way to intertwine characters from longer novels, and Keating did a great job of it. Another enjoyable sporty piece.

As always, I’ll look forward to the next one, whether it’s a book, short story, or whatever. This was a satisfying 120-page read.

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