2020-2021 Adult Greek and Latin Online Classes

I’m sure cutting it close on this one, but there are 2020-2021 Adult Greek and Latin online classes available. Here’s some information about those I know about at this point.

In summary: Meet online every other week at a time decided upon by the registrants. Basic language courses (Latin I, Latin II, Greek I, and Greek II) will each copy half a textbook by meeting mid-September through June.

TEXTBOOKS:GREEK I and GREEK II: Fundamental Greek Grammar, Fourth Editionor Fourth Revised Edition,by James W. Voelz. Also, students will eventually need a Greek New Testament.

GREEK READINGS: Greek New Testament

LATIN I and LATIN II and LATIN READINGS: Wheelock’s Latin, Seventh Edition

COST: $250 per course(If there are not enough registrants for a class, your fee will be refunded. Otherwise, there will be no refunds once the class begins in September.)

As guided self-study, our Discamus classes are designed to be attended live, but you may access session recordings in the event of an absence.

Sorry if I should have mentioned this sooner! But Greek and Latin are so worth it!! Also, the teacher, Rev. Charles Henrickson is a hoot! 😀

Go here to register, and thanks, CCLE, for offering adult Latin and Greek like this again!

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