They Shall Never Perish Review

I was very excited in my recent post about the children’s bookThey Shall Never Perish, and I was quite right to be so. 🙂 Below is my review.

They Shall Never Perish Review

This is a great read aloud for Christian families and classes. It’s long enough that it can hold the attention of older kids, but it’s vivid enough to keep young ones absorbed. The imagery is great, if a bit scary for the very young. I’d say it’s on the level of the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs. This is a book that could even be read as a chapel lesson.

As far as I’m aware, it’s only available as a paperback, so it’s not the sturdiest. The illustrations are perfect: fun, charming, and an excellent combination of silly (like the wolf using a toothpick) and symbolic. 

Great allegory of John 10:11—16 merged with Matthew 27:24—28:10. I have changed a word or two as I’ve read it aloud, as my kids don’t necessarily know “insatiable” and “punctured” yet, but I’m very happy to add this to my Christian parenting & Christian teaching toolbox! 

They Shall Never Perish is a great idea and product. I already want it to be around forever.


Again, it is only available as a thank you for an any-sized donation to The Word Endures before Easter, April 4, 2021. So do it now. Or contact Deac. Lynn Frederickson at LPR for multiple copies (Yay for Lutheran Public Radio! I’m thrilled they are involved in this!) (But on that note, I already checked: they do not intend to publish more children’s books. :))

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