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Ladies & Gentlemen, there’s a neat website that seeks to foster Lutheran liturgical living at home. It’s called All the Household and offers some neat resources to help incorporate the church year & liturgical tradition into home life.

You should explore the website yourself, but it includes a brief overview of how and what liturgical living can refer to. There’s a page for Holy Days that offers a monthly overview so you can prepare in advance without a complicated system. There are cultural traditions (such as foods & recipes) as well as ecclesial, free printables, & playlists!

Now, when I tried to access the free printables, it asked for a password, which I do not have. My impression is that the site is still in its infancy age, starting with resources centered on Lent and expanding from there. Still, considering their Lenten playlist is 6 1/2 hours long? The ladies behind this site are doing great! 🙂

All the Household looks like it’s off to a great, positive start! 🙂 Keep up the great work, ladies behind it! Welcome to my list of free Lutheran resources (which I fear I’ve been neglecting since I post so many resources to!)!

(They are also on Instagram @all.the.household.) 

By the way, I thought Bryan Wolfmueller had an excellent idea the other day. He thought an additional way to talk about infant baptism is to speak in terms of household baptism. Makes sense to me, although those who understand baptism as an individual’s work will still surely reject it. <Shrug>

Happy householding, folks. 🙂

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  1. Michelle

    I just subscribed to the newsletter and received the password for the free printables.

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