Portals of Prayer

CPH is looking for writers for Portals of Prayer. Application and sample materials must be submitted by noon CST by January 15, 2022. Selected writers will be notified by the end of March 2022.

This page has what you need:

Basically, to apply, write four sample devotions, two on assigned texts and two on texts of your own choosing. Follow the outline, using a Scripture reading and psalm, as well as a single Bible verse taken from the Scripture reading. Have a one to five word title. A devotion consisting of 245-250 words (including Bible verse and prayer!), and close with a brief sentence prayer.

It sounds simple. It is certainly straightforward. Still, it is a pretty honing experience! I think writing for Portals of Prayer, as I’ve said before, is an excellent exercise, discipline, and opportunity. It is not easy, but it does focus upon a) God’s Word, b) audience, and c) word choice. 

Last time I wrote for PoP, I was pleasantly surprised that I got quite a bit of feedback, not from an editor but from regular readers. It was a very sweet experience. Feedback can be so hard to find! 🙂

I will also say that, if you are selected, you will probably not have a year to write your month’s worth of devotions. Editing, formatting, and reviewing takes a long time so publishers want text much earlier than folks generally realize. Fair enough, though it’s something to keep in mind if you’re already having a busy time. 🙂

Other than that, you probably know the drill. Mind your p’s and q’s, minor mishaps & missteps. No need to stand out for grammatical errors. Write for clarity.

The Church is in a blessed position. We get to teach such positive things! So, if you’ve got time, try your hand at it. Grow through the process and be blessed by God’s Word. 


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  1. Aretta Gordish

    I’ve written for Portals before. I’m wondering if you have the same submission guidelines if you want to write a second time.

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