Confirmation Books?

Confirmation books are a hot topic in my house right now. Our oldest is soon to be confirmed, and she already has a Bible, a hymnal, and soon a Book of Concord. So what confirmation books would you add? And, since I’m supposed to purchase one on behalf of our LWML society, what are your favorite or go to confirmation books that typically sell around $10-15?

Of course, I already have some ideas. The hard parts are narrowing things down and being sure to remember all my options!

Top contenders (for a 12-year old):

  • Pless’s Praying the Catechism
  • Harrison’s Joyfully Lutheran
  • Giertz’s Devotional Commentary on Romans

Additional quality recommendations thus far:

  • The Coloring Catechism
  • Weedon’s Pray, Praise, Serve and Obey
  • Reading the Psalms with Luther
  • A prayer journal
  • Hammer of God or Faith Alone, although I think my daughter is a bit young for those
  • A Bible Overview
  • Will the Real Jesus Stand Up
  • Echo
  • A Martyr’s Faith in a Faithless World

AND two of my dad’s books, Spiritual of the Cross and Loving God with All Your Mind.


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6 Responses to Confirmation Books?

  1. Natalie Meilaender Valle

    I’ve given Martin Luther’s A Simple Way to Pray

  2. Katie Fischer

    For the 11-14 kids:
    Why I am a Lutheran by Preus
    Life Together by Bonhoeffer

  3. Stephanie Neujahr

    Those are some great suggestions for books. I think it’s important to have a set gift rather than just giving cash.

  4. Jerry Gernander

    I actually think that the Book of Concord should be given as a HS graduation gift. My top ideas for confirmation are:
    1. Preparing to Receive Holy Communion (CPH; McCain/Lankenau) – devotions, prayers, hymns – about $7. This is SUCH a great little book!
    2. Lutheran Book of Prayer or My Prayer Book (about $10-15)
    3. Reading the Psalms With Luther – psalms plus Luther’s introductions (about $15)
    4. To Live With Christ by Bo Giertz – the very best devotion book, in my opinion, especially for fostering a very direct, personal way of praying, and reading through the New Testament every year (usually about $20)

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